Two miles from uptown Charlotte (local speak for downtown) and tucked away from the sprawl, Five One Five is on a walkable side street off Providence Road in the charming Eastover neighborhood. Built in the 1930’s, this former abode escaped the wrecking ball to re-emerge in 2018 fully restored and once again standing proud. The refreshed look is contemporary but still classic, with an intended touch of cool. The vibe is relaxed. The mood is upbeat. The heart and soul of the old place live on.



Through fashion, Karen Perry and Whitney Whitlock developed a personal bond that would eventually lead them into business together. Launched in 2016 from Perry’s garage apartment, their adventure became venture following a number of collaborations with some all-star creatives - designers, artists, and shop owners - and plenty of field trips to various markets. Lucking into some key relationships, the duo secured a handful of small-batch creations from unbelievably talented designers. “For starters we wanted to see how friends and family would respond to the merchandise, and to us as business operators,” says Whitlock, active in the industry since graduating from the University of Georgia.

The next real plunge was landing bricks and mortar for the business. As Perry says, “We knew a store on wheels wouldn’t suit our local clients forever, and to us it was important to have the right venue to show off the art these designers were creating.” For the guest experience they envisioned, it was also a priority to make the space warm, inviting, and fun.

So with big-girl commitment and imagination, these aspiring shopkeepers found the perfect locale as their future home. In early 2018, after a major overhaul of the property, the doors and dreams opened to a cozy boutique at 515 Fenton Place named “Five One Five”.

Passion and gratitude continue to fuel this business.


Karen 2.jpg

KAREN, owner

Roots: Virginia
Alma Mater: Mary Washington College
Career Stops: Ann Taylor, Washington, D.C.
CLT Landing: 1998
Full Squad: Husband, four boys, two pups
Perfect Chill Day: Toes in the sand, book in hand, peeps out front, and a putt thru lowcountry before dark for the exclamation mark.

Whitney 2.jpg

WHITNEY, store manager

Roots: Georgia
Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Career Stops: Cabana; Canary, Dallas, TX
CLT Landing: Two trips (2007 & 2015)
Full Squad: Hubby, boy, girl, and dawg!
Perfect Chill Day: Sunny, poolside with the bambinos, and family karaoke night on the back porch...and maybe a few scooter rides thru the hood in between.